Help Our Staff; One Team, One Fight

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The Coronavirus has taken a unprecedented toll on our Club and 35 Staff Members.  

Statewide lockdowns earlier this year furloughed our entire staff, but luckily the Federal Government stepped in to help ease the loss of income.  Recently the State of Minnesota imposed an additional four (4) week closure, except this time there is no additional help from the Federal Government and worse yet, many of our Staff have exhausted their state unemployment benefits as well. 

This is all before a critical holiday season where we are all asked to make sacrifices.  We humbly ask you to support our Staff that, even in the face of this virus, returned to work and served us with dignity and professionalism.

We ask you to donate what you can to help our Staff meet their needs during this trying time.  ALL proceeds will be equally distributed to Staff.

Click the link below for more details: