Minnesota Department Commander Implores Walz to Reopen Businesses; Savage Post Commander Agrees.

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To our Members, Auxiliaries, Sons, and Patrons I agree 100% with the Department of Minnesota Commander’s assertions that the State government has overstepped both their authority and their respect for the rights of all Minnesotans.

For too long we have allowed the Executive Branch to infringe on our equal protection under the law as well as our right to peaceably assemble.

In 1987, then President Ronald Reagan stood at before Berlin Wall, separating free West Germany from the communist East, and famously said to the Soviet Premier in a televised speech, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Today, I stand with the Department of Minnesota Commander in saying “Mr. Walz, open up our State”

Kevin M. Lindow
Dan Patch American Legion, Post 643 – Savage, MN